Pregress You think it
We build it.

We make innovative software with passion.

We focus on creating applications to empower your users and to automate all tasks that are repetitve. We care about the business value of your applications and we want to delivery the best solutions.

We can extend your team with expert knowledge in the following technologies.


Writing code in .NET is where we shine. Proven knowledge of C# on a wide variaty of projects and certifications. We can extend existing applications or write new ones from scratch. Going from web applications to Windows applications or services.

Microsoft SQL Server

Tuning your Microsoft SQL Queries, optimizing execution plans, writing stored procedures, preventing locks, understaning wait types, boosting SQL server perfomance with in memory OLTP.


Leverage the power of Azure using the many services. Receiving thousands of real time events, processing them with stream analytics. Securing your applications with Azure AD. Use Service Fabric to create scalable micro services. Creating intelligent bots or levaraging the power of realtime image recognition. And many more.

Continous delivery

Deliver stable software to production faster. By Setting up a build and release pipeline. Get things done faster, better and without human interaction.

Power BI

Creating reports that help you grow and understand your businnes based on the data you already have. Use live dashboards to act when it matters.


Building front-ends using one of the latest javascript frameworks like: react.js, aurelia, vue.js, backbone.js, ...